• Company, Hello Gill, which I have just registered.
  • My job/target is to combine mind sports, super learning, and several other such time-tested and AI (artificial intelligence) tested aspects (which I cannot mention here due to patents and other such issues) to teach English like never before.

My mission is to:

  • transform the educational landscape in Switzerland and beyond
  • use my natural abilities as a team leader to inspire positive change
  • stay unique
  • develop proven tools to implement a high-quality, profitable business model

Pitch deck basics:

  • Millions of people suffer from 3 problems
  • Market size is huge
  • AI (artificial intelligence) based (patent oriented) solution/product like never before
  • Brand/mark
  • Financial/ how to generate revenue
  • Execution plan


  • I am currently looking for an investor who likes sustainable profits
  • “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
  • here best means best in every sense of the word
  • It’s your next BIG thing so let’s do it together