My writing is around work and quality. 

First book


My master’s thesis in Switzerland was about quality communication in poetry

I then expanded my master’s thesis into an academic book

This academic book was published in an American press. 

With a bit of marketing, this book can be in American colleges. 

Smart move, right!

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Once upon a time, a man (on a tiny island whose country was a dot on the world map) decided to transform his work into the best brand by getting the Nobel Prize. 

Guess what, one day he got the Nobel Prize. 

My first book is about the quality of communication in his poetry. 

I believe the quality of communication and business are close. 

More info

Either write on Google, Sadia Gill Vernon, you will get my book, or click: or Amazon link:


New book: WISA (w (work) + v (visa) = wisa)

It is also about work & quality

Basic story: The place where Zara lives is as far from happiness, education, and money as this earth is from the moon.

Above is the opening sentence of my next book, to cut a long story short: Somehow Zara thinks that things may change if she leaves her country but is that the case, is it visa or work? 


Next book

It is also on work & quality. 


In November 2015 I was in Delhi, India, and received the terrible news that a lady, Anna, early 30’s, committed suicide because she was gay (she liked another woman), and because her parents were Pandits/Hindus. They couldn’t accept that; she kept convincing her but in vain. 

Young people can try to understand that a personal relationship is a part of life, perhaps not the very heart/core of life. For me, the real and only core of life is work and quality.

Yet another plot for the same thought:

Lifey has two daughters, the older Losey and the younger Winey. As a teenager, Lifey felt that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with a woman, but she just could not. However, her daughters want to make a difference for themselves by choosing the right partners. How one of the sisters does it through the power of her work. 


Another book

Title: Mem 

Human memory is something very precious. I need some tactics to sharpen human memory for high-demand English courses.

For a long time, I had the urge to write a book about an elephant/something very expensive/ precious. This book is also about work, memory, and quality.